Koopman Mixture

Revolutionary food: Koopman Mixture ‘All in one’!!!

Many good mixtures of pigeon food in all sorts and sizes are at market; why a Koopman mixture therefore? Because Gerard Koopman was fed up with feeding another mixture every day of the week. Diet-, purifying-, racing-, breeding- and widowhoodmixture et cetera. And that is just a small grip of the total assortment.
That is why Gerard and his brother Jaap – who has many years of experience as trader and importer of pigeon food – sat at the table to develop a mixture that can be fed every day of the week.

Like that a very diverse and rich grain-mixture was born. Added with some VITAFORM PLUS, a grain composed of high value nutritious substances with ingredients like animal protein, omega fatty acids and vitamins. The mixture is manufactures by the Beyers firm. Gerard Koopman feeds his pigeons this mixture every day and more then necessary. All information on this way of feeding:

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