Introducing the Goldcorn pigeon grain means a new phase in pigeon supplements.

It’s known for some time that the so called Vitaform-plus grain is part of the All In One mixture (Koopman-mixture) since its introduction. Per February 2011 we recalled this grain Goldcorn; the wonder of nature.

Goldcorn is now also available separately in packages of 5 kg.


Why this grain, the new Goldcorn ?

Many fanciers were and are extremely satisfied about the present composition … however time and technique evolves and we managed to compose an even better grain containing a/o sheep fat and vanilla! After a period of thorough testing at European top lofts, the conclusion is: Goldcorn supplies pigeons with a enormous boost of health and vitality indeed.

Later we will mention more about the well-considered composition and the unique process of creating Goldcorn, that is preservable for a guaranteed period of 18 months!

Back in to time:

First we like to take you back in to time to explain the existence and need of the grain.

In 1976 Gerard Koopman first met the former champion Jules Rijckaert from St. Amandsberg. He showed Gerard that pigeons in their natural habitat require more than just pigeon food. When they had the opportunity, they searched for extra’s like a/o little snails. Apparently they had the need for animal protein. Not all pigeons can fly out freely and giving cheese was for Rijckaert an excellent replacement for this natural behaviour.

Round 1997 Gerard got his first visit from Taiwan. It was the time Gerards famous ‘Beatrix-cock’ started having trouble filling the eggs. The Taiwanese fancier told Gerard he would send a composition that would help fertility being good again. One of the components of this composition was a/o sheep fat. Gerard knew sheep fat as owner of a pet store; quite often he advised customers giving sheep fat to dogs with fur-problems … 90% of the problems disappeared. So giving sheep fat could not be bad.

The last component, peanuts, are almost a certainty in this era. A pigeon uses fats during heavy efforts and in peanuts plenty of fats are present. Besides; pigeons like eating them.

Unique process of production:

Years of experience from practice, testing in European top lofts and the help of many modern techniques ensured Goldcorn becoming this moments maximum in the category supplements for pigeons. A must therefore for every pigeon fancier who wants the best for his pigeons. Time of weakening has passed.

Next to cheese and peanuts, we also managed to add sheep fat and vanilla to this beautiful grain. Sheep fat and vanilla have a positive effect on perseverance, intestinal flora and digestion!

To add the sheep fat, it is first heated and then blended with sun-flower, Arachidon and linseed oil. Especially the combination of oils and fats gives a special boost that results in super condition of the pigeons!

Extensive composition:

For interested fanciers, the composition.

Sheep fat, animal fats with unique features, sun-flower / linseed oil and Arachidon oil,
that supply Omega fatty acids.
Animal fats, from egg yolk, cheese and milk, just give that bit extra energy.
Wheat-germs and vitamin E, the oxygen-suppliers, which increases perseverance.
Alfalfa, beta carotene, sea-weed and veer-yeast, secure the vitamin B complex, essential enzymes.
The vitamins A, K and E and of course the minerals, amino acids and trace elements.
Lecithin, the transporter of fats through the body, ensures a top condition.
Prebiotics, for a good intestinal flora, supports health enormously!
Soya and Arachidon wheat / peanut wheat for the need of energy during heavy racing.
Extra vitamins, like: k3, B complex, C, A, D3, E et cetera.


Goldcorn is available via the better pet stores in packages of 5 kg and is produced by Beduco from Schoten, Belgium … Distributer in The Netherlands is a/o Mol Animal Food from Dalfsen, phone nr. +31 529 431223

Ask for Goldcorn at your supplier or contact the Beyers firm:
Representative in The Netherlands: Dick de Leeuw, phone +31 6 51358457

GOLDCORN, for every season, for every sort of pigeon food, mix in 5%! That means just 5kg Goldcorn for every 100 kg of pigeon food.